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07.08.2012 Results


As we already expected the weather was dominated by lined-up thermals and strong winds enabling the teams to a remarkable performance. Markus Scherdel won the task with 2,5l/ 100km (95 mpg) at 140km/h average speed - that´s pushing the limits!

Almost equal in fuel consumption but a bit slower was the "PV"-Team flying the Stemme  S6T through the thermals and trying to catch up with the "WU" with a complete different tactic.

You may miss the DA 40 TDi which would have been interesting to see competing today. Unfortunately the team left this morning due to private reasons and won't participate again this year.


The Arcus team was considering to get into the race today, but shortly before the start canceled the day due to 20 -25 knots head wind on the first leg. Weather forecasts are looking promising for tomorrow so we assume the Arcus E will mix up the ranking for tomorrow.

Since we have three days in competition now, the overall ranking gets interesting - have a look here.

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