A few participants arrived already today and had the chance to enjoy the training day with very good gliding conditions. As expected the aircrafts with the best gliding performance, the Ventus cM and the S6-RT made it best.


The S6-RT with Ralf Thormann as PIC and Phillip Scheffel as Co won that match (1000 Points) with an average speed of 163km/h and a fuel consumption of only 6,1l/100km closely followed by the Ventus with 819 Points. Pilot of the Ventus was Frank Bormann. Both had the chance to use cloud roads and were able to switch off the engine for a big part of the 350km long distance.


The weather forecast for the next days is very bad unfortunately. It will rain heavily on Sunday and Monday and therefore we lost some very welcome competitors in advance. They reasonably decided to stay at home to be back at their daily business and jobs on Tuesday. That’s why the RF-5b, the SD-1, the Shark and the electric aircrafts will not come. We regret that very much but we understand their decisions very well.


Anyhow we await a thrilling competition between the remaining participants. The scoring between significantly different designed aircrafts like the DA-40TDI and S15 on the one hand and the S6-RT, the Taifun 17e and the Ventus cM on the other hand will be very exciting and will extend again our knowledge about cruising efficiency once more.


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