After the very exciting and well performed training day yesterday we started the first official competition day today. The weather conditions are much better than expected and it looks again like a very good gliding day. Six competitors are on their way to the scoring now.




The weather conditions were indeed much better than expected. The 2nd half of the flight Frank Borrmann with his Ventus2cM was able to fly almost in pure gliding-mode without using the engine. He won the daily scoring with an average speed of 88 km/h and a fuel consumption of only 2,8l/100km on the 280km long track. We as the organizers of GSC are very happy about that flight. It represents a strategy of combining soaring including circling with using the engine. The engine was used, when the thermals were too weak to use them. This is practical use of soaring on a very high level!!

The DA-40TDI came to the second place. To have two very aircrafts like that on the podium is remarkable. Both are approaching the target of high cruising efficiency with totally different concepts. Also the DA40 was able to use thermals and stayed below the cloud base all over the flight.


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