Day 3

The last day of the Green Speed Cup 2015. The aircraft are back and we will shortly hold our award ceremony. The D-39 took the win and the overall as well. Followed by the S10. The Piccolo finished on third place.


We started early today, so there were not many thermals to use and the course went to the north this time. You can find the results here.


All Pictures are available here.

Day 2

The results are here. As expected the D-39 of Akaflieg Darmstadt has performed well and made a deserved first place. The multiple german open class glider champion Uli schwenk fought successful for the second place. Tomorrow the D-39 has the chance to win the overall contest. 

The aircrafts are coming in ... first pics on Flickr

Day two! The briefing is over and the pilots cool down at the nearby lake before entering the cockpit. Again the big high pressure area is stretching over europe allowing only a few clouds to built up. The course will lead the pilots again to the south and then westward before returning home on thei 390 km task. Only little winds take out one of the variables to consider. It will be challenging and we are looking forward to compare the results.

Day 1

The aircraft are back and we have the results here. The S10 won, followed by the D39 of the Akaflieg Darmstadt. The thermals were not as strong as we expected. The SF-25B and the C-Falke had to make an intermediate landing to refuel.


Day one of the GSC just started. 11 aircraft took off on 12.50 utc in Strausberg for a 400 km task to the south. The weather is promising, although no clouds at all help indicating the thermals. Some of the contestants need to stretch their aircrafts limits by efficient flight to reach the reqiured distance. Pictures are available on Flickr.

Green Speed Cup about to begin

The 2015 Green Speed Cup is just one day away from its fifth anniversary. This year we have some new contestants and we are eager to find out how they will do. We are looking forward to the event and keep you posted on this website during the contest.



Nr.Name AircraftRegistration
1Martin JustS10VTD-KSIO
2Hartmut OtterTaifunD-KOCO
3Torsten DubeS6D-KCPV
4Martin KurasC-FalkeD-KUCK
5Uli SchwenkTaifunD-KHIM
6Andreas LehmkuhlSF25CD-KOOT
7Manfred DickTaifunD-KAJP
8Holger MassowD39D-KMCH
9Jan EichornSF25-BD-KAGQ
10Anton DilcherRF-5D-KLEE
11Jens RabeAquilaD-E
12Werner ScholzPiccoloD-KCHO

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