Day 1 of the Green Speed Cup is over. In a window between two areas of heavy rain, the contestants were sent on a task over 247 km (133 NM) north of Strausberg via F├╝rstenberg and Tantow. A partially low cloud base of 1000 ft made it difficult and left only limited room for the contestants to fly their strategy. From the 12 aircraft that took to the skies, the three gliders made an early return since thermals were not sufficient for the task to complete. First aircraft to fly over the finish line was the Cirrus, flying an average of 231 km/h (124 kts). A higher fuel consumption led to the 8th place in the end. First place goes to Akaflieg Darmstadt with their D-39, piloted by Holger Massow, flying an average of 175 km/h (95 kts) and a fuel consumption of 4.8 l/100 km. Julien Baumann in the new Stemme S12 flew on the 2nd place with an average speed of 168 km/h (91 kts).


Furthermore the contestants enjoyed an interesting talk from Luka Znidarsic from FES about the Front Electric Sustainer system.

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