GSC 2017 | Day 2

Day two. The weather looks promising and a task over 374 km (202 NM) was set for the contestants taking them to the south of Berlin.


The planned take off time at 11 UTC was postponed by 45 minutes to ensure better weather on the track. As usual, all participants took off in a regatta type start at 30 seconds interval according to the sequence flown in the lecture. Only the Cirrus is an exception and starts as the first, because it cruises at a much higher speed and would otherwise overtake the entire field shortly after takeoff.


Again, the Cirrus landed first and was able to slightly improve its result compared to yesterday. First place was reached by the electric LZ design Ventus FES piloted by Luka Znidarsic. Since it is an electric aircraft it showed the huge potential of electric aviation but was not accounted in the combustion class. Therefore we have two first places today. The LZ design Ventus FES and the D-39 from Akaflieg Darmstadt flow by Holger Massow. With just a very slight distance of only 23 points the Stemme S12 follows on second place.


The full results can be found here.


Before dinner, the contestants could attend a talk from RWTH Aachen about the project FVA-30 (Link). To entertain all participants, a BMW i3 was available to explore the acceleration potential of electric driven cars on the airfield.

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