GSC 2017 DAY 3 part 2

The Green Speed Cup 2017 is over and we have a winner, well, two of them. Luka Znidarsic from LZ Design took the win in the electric class, although he was the only competitor, after a cancellation of another electric aircraft due to technical problems on short notice. Nevertheless, he and is aircraft impressed with a highly efficient aircraft and the piloting skills to fill the range gap resulting from a battery range of 100 km and a task length of 150 km in challeinging conditions. The winner in the combustion class is the Akaflieg Darmstadt with the D-39 piloted by Holger Massow. However, today the first place went to the Stemme S12 beating the D-39 after a fierce battle over the last 3 days by a slight difference of only 20 points. Therefor the S12 became overall second in this year`s Green Speed Cup. A very solid performance was delivered by the Taifun over the course of the last three days. And as a little surprise cam the two Scheibe  Falke who managed yesterday and today to advance in the midfield, which is an impressive feat, considering the aircraft.


The Green Speed Cup 2017 was a successful competition and we would like to see the contestants and many more next year. Of course we will again try to establish an electric class, showing the potential of this new upcoming technology.


All results can be found here.

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