GSC 2018 DAY 1


The first day of the competition is over. During perfect weather, the participants took off at about 1 pm local time with the typical regatta start. According to weather forecast during the thermally most active period of the day. The course led over 330 km south of Berlin. Unfortunately only 12 participants started today, because the second French team had to cancel their arrival and therefore their participation due to the weather. After almost two hours, the first participants came back. First the Stemme S12 with Julien Baumann as pilot. Closely followed by Bölkow and Carat.  After weighing the participating aircraft, the data are now evaluated. Only then is it clear who has won. Participants and guests have then enjoyed an exciting lecture programme and the award ceremony was held afterwards.

After some exciting presentations by Siemens and others like a presentation about the flight testing of the hydrogen-powered Hy4 aircraft, the winners of the day were announced. Due to a lack of competition in the electrical class, the Antares has won. In almost pure gliding and with an engine running time of about 5 minutes, certainly a hard earned victory. In the combustion class Werner Scholz has shown his ambition for this year's title in his Carat and relegated the D-39 to second place. But the big surprise of the day was the SF25C, which landed on fourth place after the Stemme S12, but still managed to stand its ground before the Stemme S10. Thanks to some working hours and aerodynamic improvements on the SF25C, a fuel consumption of 5 l/100 km and an average of 131 km/h has been achieved.

We had a first successful day and are looking forward to the competition, especially at the top, tomorrow.

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