How to fly fast and green

Scoring in GSC


The scoring will be very simple. The aircraft that flew with the best ratio of fuel-consumption per distance and speed will win the competition. The scoring of each competitor will be related to the winner. The winner gets 1000 points for one day.

Preparation for the GSC


To find the optimum speed of your aircraft for each thermal condition you need to know the gliding- propeller- and engine-performance of your aircraft. To find it out, we prepared a little flight test that can be easily performed by each pilot. In addition we made a little Tool to process that data. The results are a necessary input for the optimization. The following files are german and will be soon available in english.


To fly "green" you have to know how fast to fly and which powersetting to use. This depends on the current wind-profile, on the current lift and on several other parameters like the aerodynamical properties. Here you can find the tool that does the optimization for your aircraft. The tool calculates the speed and powersetting for maximum cruise efficiency depending on the current wind-profile and lift. Take your aircraft data and optimize your flights!

The next and last tool is a prediction-tool. Just split your flight in up to 12 waypoints and check the weatherforecast for these points. The tool will calculate the max. reachable GSC-Points depending on your aircraft and the weather. In this beta-version the calcuation is still a little too optimistic, so don't worry too much if you don't reach the prediction.


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