Dr. Bertrand Piccard - pilot and one of the most outstanding activists for "Clean Flying"

"Congrats for this initiative which is another brick in the wall of sustainability!”

Dr. Reiner Stemme - motorglider-pilot and enthusiastic developer of high efficient aircrafts

"This competition is a unique chance to show the harmony between human and nature needs"

Klaus Ohlmann - Glider and Motorgliderpilot and multiple world record holder


"Competitions like that are an indispensable step on the road to emission-free flying and a wonderful completion to my own initiative – GREEEN-FLIGHT-E-MOTION."

Green Speed Cup supports E2GLIDE

The Green Speed Cup supports the E2GLIDE competition by sponsoring the GREEN SPEED AWARD - a trophy presented to the most efficient flight within the year seeking out technological and operational advances for the future. The award is endowed with a prize money in the amount of 1000 €. Find more on the E2GLIDE website.

Green Speed Cup 2018 winners

The Green Speed Cup 2018 is over and the winners are:
- Stefan Senger (Lange Aviation Antares, electric class) and
- Werner Scholz (Carat, combustion class)

They each received the Green Speed Cup award, an invitation to the GreenTec Awards next year and a prize money of 500€ sponsored by the Berlin-Brandenburg Aerospace Alliance (BBAA) 

Green Speed Cup 2018

The Green speed Cup 2018 is over. You can find all the results here.


The next Green Speed Cup is from 07th to 09th of June 2019 in Strausberg (EDAY). You can register here.


See you next year 


The winners of the Green Speed Cup 2017. Holger Massow (Akaflieg Darmstadt, left) and Luka Znidarsic (LZ Design, right). 



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