Dr. Bertrand Piccard - pilot and one of the most outstanding activists for "Clean Flying"

"Congrats for this initiative which is another brick in the wall of sustainability!”

Dr. Reiner Stemme - motorglider-pilot and enthusiastic developer of high efficient aircrafts

"This competition is a unique chance to show the harmony between human and nature needs"

Klaus Ohlmann - Glider and Motorgliderpilot and multiple world record holder


"Competitions like that are an indispensable step on the road to emission-free flying and a wonderful completion to my own initiative – GREEEN-FLIGHT-E-MOTION."


the challenge for pilots and the entire aviation

The GREEN SPEED CUP (GSC) is a competition for any kind of one- to four-seated aircraft. The target of the GSC is to fly as fast as possible while minimizing the consumption of fossil fuel energy. It is a direct comparison of technologies, machines, materials and the capabilities of the pilots.

The competition should help to find new ways and practical solutions for saving energy during powered flights. At the same time the performances of today standards for the cruising speed, range and endurance should be reached or exeeded as far as possible.


After five successful years the GSC takes one year off to change the concept of the GSC a little bit and bring the idea of more efficient flight to a broader audience for aviation enthusiasts as well as pilots. The next GREEN SPEED CUP will be held in the summer of 2017. Details will be announced in time.


The German TV Channel ARD attended the GSC 2013 and created a little program that was broadcasted on October 13th 2013. Here is the link.


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