Dr. Bertrand Piccard - pilot and one of the most outstanding activists for "Clean Flying"

"Congrats for this initiative which is another brick in the wall of sustainability!”

Dr. Reiner Stemme - motorglider-pilot and enthusiastic developer of high efficient aircrafts

"This competition is a unique chance to show the harmony between human and nature needs"

Klaus Ohlmann - Glider and Motorgliderpilot and multiple world record holder


"Competitions like that are an indispensable step on the road to emission-free flying and a wonderful completion to my own initiative – GREEEN-FLIGHT-E-MOTION."


The winners of the Green Speed Cup 2017. Holger Massow (Akaflieg Darmstadt, left) and Luka Znidarsic (LZ Design, right). The next Green Speed Cup is between June 8-10 . Join us and stay up to date with our news section or follow us on Facebook.



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